Saturday, 26 September 2009

Grand Final Wagyu burger

The Grand Final has come and gone with the Cats falling over the line to upset the Sainters in a classic granny. Poor ol' St Kilda. So now it will be at least another year before they get another shot. 1966 must seem like a long time ago for the poor ol' buggers that have been following these perennial losers. On the bright side they haven't had to wait 70 odd years like the Swans did.
Anyway, congrats to Geelong. Realfooty match report here and here.

Geelong 12.8.80 def St Kilda 9.14.68

But on to other things. As soon as the siren sounded on went the burgers. Mmm, delicious Wagyu burgers. As good as, if not better, than last time. We threw them together the same as the first time. Click here to see how we did it (last time).


  1. again! you eat wagyu a lot

  2. Define a lot? You're just jealous Mr Anonymous or should I say Ben? This was a reasonably cheap cut. Not the $120 per kg stuff. Anyway a GF deserves more than any ol' burger.