Thursday, 5 August 2010

Copernicus' CT scan

Yesterday we dropped Copernicus off at the Sydney Uni Vet Hospital for his CT scan. Around midday he was anaesthetised so they could do the scan. We were called by Professor Beatty about 3pm to say it had all gone well and he was just coming around. They'd done the CT scan and also taken a couple of small biopsies. He was going to stay in the hospital overnight so they could monitor his pain medication and make sure he didn't have any complications.
Michelle picked him up today. Julia, Professor Beatty, said that the pictures of Perni's head were the best she'd ever seen. She had never seen such a perfect scan. She couldn't find anything wrong. She'd taken the biopsies for completeness sake. She doesn't expect the biopsies to show any abnormalities either. She is inclined to think now that the nose bleeds are caused by high blood pressure. Perni's BP at rest is about 180 and normal is around the 150 - 160 mark. She has given us some blood pressure pills (a quarter of one per day) for him to take until we get another BP test done in a week or so.
Perni has a shaved paw and a large region around his neck where they've either taken blood or he's had a drip - he was on a drip overnight. The first thing he did when he got home was to demolish a bowl of bikkies. Hungry boy. The next was to lie in the sun and get scratched and stroked by Michelle and purr really loudly. Our sooky boy is glad to be home.

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