Thursday, 26 August 2010

Charlie Stross at the Galaxy Bookshop

Worldcon is on next week in Melbourne. Worldcon is the huge World Science Fiction Convention held somewhere in the world every year to celebrate science fiction and fantasy and hand out the Hugo Awards. This year's Worldcon is Aussiecon Four and is the 68th Worldcon. Because Worldcon is in Melbourne we haven't had many of the big names in SF visit Sydney for book signings. That is, except for Charlie Stross.
Charlie is a British author and lives in Scotland. He's written about 15 novels and a couple of collections. I only had seven books on me to get signed but I have a couple more in storage and I wasn't able to dig them out in time for the signing. Charlie very kindly offered to sign them if I take them to Melbourne with me next weekend. Yep, I'm going to Worldcon next week. A five day nerd fest. Half the guest authors there are some of my favourite authors. If I was going down in a truck I might be able to take their books to get signed. Unfortunately we're flying so we're limited in what I can carry. I'll probably only take a couple of books with me for signings. Also, I stuffed up my itinerary and we're coming home on the Sunday. Worldcon finishes on the Monday and most of the scheduled book signings are on the Monday. D'oh.
Alastair Reynolds and George RR Martin will however be coming to the Galaxy Bookshop in Sydney after Worldcon. There's a few door stoppers I won't have to carry down to Melbourne.

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