Wednesday, 18 August 2010

The Amazing Race Oz

Michelle and I have been fans of the reality travel TV show The Amazing Race (TAR) since it was first broadcast in 2001. It has been on for 16 fabulous seasons. I even met the host Phil once at a book signing in Sydney (see picture). Then in 2006 The Amazing Race Asia came along. It isn't too bad either. We've always wanted to apply to go on the race but unfortunately both versions had strict residency rules for applicants. For the US version of TAR you had to be a Yank and for the Asian version of TAR you had to be a resident of one of the countries the AXN network broadcasts to (eg. Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand etc). Not Australia.
Finally though the Seven Network here in Oz has announced TAR Oz. You might think we'd be thrilled. Finally we get the chance to apply to run TAR and possibly win the million bucks - not that we'd do it for the money. I said we were fans. We could even be the Australian versions of Rob and Amber. Applications close on September 6. Easy. Phil is even rumoured to be the host. Cool. We only have to be available for 5 weeks between September and December 2010.
I'm pretty sure that 7 to 9 month pregnant applicants will be rejected. We've been waiting for a chance to do this for almost 10 years. Damn you Channel Seven. Why didn't you do this 2 years ago?
You know, Michelle doesn't really have to be my partner on the Race... Anyone interested?*

*Only kidding. Do you think I'd really abandon my pregnant princess while I gallivanted around the world in the hopes of winning a million bucks? Damn, it's like my own personal Detour - a Detour is a choice between two tasks, each with its own pros and cons...

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