Friday, 20 August 2010


Six months or so after visiting Japan I've finally been able to track down Otoro in Australia. Otoro is the succulent fatty delicious belly part of the Blue Fin Tuna. Makoto, a sushi train in Chatswood, occasionally gets this rare delicacy in. They source their tuna from Port Lincoln in South Australia (via the Sydney Fish Market). Makoto call their Otoro "Big Belly Tuna" and a couple of pieces of sushi cost a very reasonable $7.50. The next grade down, they call "Middle Belly Tuna", or Chu-toro, isn't quite as melt in your mouth succulent as Otoro but it sells for an even more reasonable $5.50 a plate. A plate of ordinary ol' tuna will normally set you back $3.80.
I shouldn't have written this. Michelle is only going to get jealous. Unfortunately for her sushi is definitely off the menu. Raw fish is definitely a no-no when you're knocked up.

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