Thursday, 29 July 2010

The Strokes 3

I left home at 9.15 and was back home by 11pm. What does that tell you about the gig? Apart from being short not much at all. The worst thing you could say about The Strokes was they weren't on stage long enough. Including encore they may have performed for about 75 minutes. For a stand alone gig that was really short. Not short in a "that was so good it went too fast" short, although it was that too, it was short in a "that wasn't very good value for money short". I heard a few muttered "that was fucked" comments on the way out. I reckon it was possibly the quickest non festival gig I've been to in about 25 years.
Now that I have the whinge out of the way were The Strokes any good? I've been wanting to see these guys for 10 years and for what we got it was worth the wait. They were very tight. Awesome in fact. Time did indeed fly. I was a little confused for a bit when Julian Casablancas said that he thought Sydney was shit. He back pedaled, or seemed to, when he then said by shit he meant it was really cool but I'm not sure if he was really being an arsehole or putting on the cocky rockstar persona for coolness. Whatever, they belted out most of their hits well enough for to enjoy the show. A short but powerful set.
The setlist can be found here and another review here.

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