Saturday, 21 August 2010

Roos and Kirk - See ya later

Except for the first quarter the Bulldogs never looked like they were in the hunt. Like Labor, in our still undecided election, they were smashed. Poetic really because Julia Gillard PM is the number one ticket holder for the Bulldogs. More likely though the reason the doggies were belted was because this was Brett Kirk and Paul Roos' last game at the SCG. Both will be heading into retirement at the end of the season and the team gave them the send off they deserved.

Every time Captain Kirk went near the ball the crowd rose to their feet. It was a typical Kirky performance. Not so typically he ended up with two goals himself. The last one coming a few minutes before the end that brought a roar from the crowd that would have lifted the roof of the SCG if it had one.

Roosy was the coach that finally snagged a premiership for the Swans for the first time in 72 years and Kirky has been the spiritual leader of the Swans on the ground for the last 10 years. I, for one, will miss Roosy and Kirky but coaches and players come and go and they've both left a legacy for the club that will pay dividends over the coming years. We hope.

The season isn't over yet though and who knows whether Roos and Kirk will be holding up the Premiership cup come that last Saturday in September? At this stage the Swans are set up to at least give a couple of the other finalist a fright during the finals. Pity their record against Collingwood and Geelong is so abysmal. Then again we're due for a win.

SMH match report

I got a Brett Kirk souvenir face mask.

As we were about to leave after the game former Swan and living legend Micky O'Loughlin bounded down the stairs near us so I asked him for a picture.

Leigh Colbert the former North Melbourne and Geelong champ and current boundary rider for Fox Sport.

Before the match the latest bronze statue to honour former footy and cricketing greats was unveiled in front of the SCG. This one, being hugged by Wolverine, is form Swan's legend Paul Kelly.

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