Sunday, 25 April 2010


Today is Anzac Day. You can edumacate yourself on Anzac Day by reading the wiki here if you're not familiar with our annual holiday. Google even changed their doodle for the day.

We're going to St Kilda, a beach side Melbourne suburb, for lunch. First though we have to brave the hordes heading into Melbourne for the Anzac Day march. We forgot about that little detail when we struck out for Melbourne. There were about a gazillion people lining the streets to watch the old diggers file past and the parade route is on the the main street, St Kilda Road, into St Kilda. We had to take an alternate route via the St Kilda Beach tram. Before that we did check out the march. As we arrived the march stopped and then we heard sirens. Dozens of police cars and ambulances were weaving through the parade heading for god knows what. We heard people saying there must've been a shooting or a bad accident. My guess was an accident in the parade. It turns out one of the World War 2 trucks carrying some veterans lost control and ploughed into a group of old diggers. A couple were critically hurt. We didn't see that though.

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