Sunday, 18 April 2010

Saké Restaurant

We've been to two restaurants since we've been back from Japan. Funnily enough they were both Japanese. This evening we'd thought we'd try something different - contemporary Japanese cuisine.
Saké Restaurant is at The Rocks in Sydney. Argyle Street to be exact. The Rocks in Sydney is very touristy. Very touristy. If you ever need a didgeridoo or a kangaroo scrotum leather coin purse this is the place to come. Not Saké Restaurant though, they don't sell expensive touristy trinkets. Lots of pubs in The Rocks too. Sake is next door to the Argyle Tavern and next door to that is the Lowenbrau. Wenches in dirndl (traditional German dresses that show off ze boobies) serve the beer there.
We arrived at Saké right on opening time for the evening's dinner and they found a place for us at the sushi bar. Beauty mate. This place seems quite large for a Japanese restaurant but it is also a saké bar and appears to have quite a large selection of saké. Double beauty mate.
There's also quite selection of things to choose from on the menu. A number of different styles of Japanese food. There's kushiage and sushi and assorted other stuff. As I said, contemporary. The sushi was good (the salmon belly was to die for) but the kushiage, food coated in bread crumbs and deep fried on a skewer, wasn't a patch on Rokukaku-tei in Tokyo. Maybe our expectations are too high. Rokukaku-tei is a Michelin starred joint after all.
So, as I mentioned, we sampled the prawn kushiage and grilled cuttlefish also on a skewer, which wasn't bad by the way. We had one of the other specials for the day - wagyu in a special sauce. And of course there was the sashimi and assorted sushi. Another special for the day as far as sushi goes was flying fish roe. It wasn't bad but again the stuff you get in Tokyo is... sublime. Again with the Tokyo. Must. Get. Over. It.
While we were eating we're were plied with the sake flight - a sampler of different sakes. Sake is always good. It really is like wine though. Each one is as different as the difference between a merlot and a chablis. Sake is nectar of the gods.
After the miso soup was dessert of a chocolate fondant with white sesame ice-cream.

Saké Restaurant is at 12 Argyle Street The Rocks in Sydney. It is fairly new so it missed out on being rated for the latest edition of the Good Food Guide but it did get 15 out of 20 the last time it was reviewed in the Sydney Morning Herald which will probably give it 1 Chef's Hat the next time the book is published.

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