Friday, 23 April 2010

Melbourne for the weekend

We took advantage of Tiger Airlines cheap flights ($39 - that is freaking outrageously cheap) to duck down to Melbourne for the weekend and catch up with the little sis. It also gives us the chance to hit the last of Australia's 3 Hat restaurants we've yet to visit - Jacques Reymond. More on Jacques in a later post. In the meantime we went to Doncaster to do a little shopping and had a coffee at Dolce Espresso. Apparently Melbournians don't know what a piccolo latte is. For the dummies, and Melbournians, it is a shot of espresso in a small glass and topped up with steamed milk. Half way between a macchiato and a latte - a piccolo latte. Get it? After a hard morning's shopping lunch is at that other Melbournian fine dining institution, The Pancake Parlour. I love The Pancake Parlour. The place has a lovely steampunk feel and the pancakes are as good as I can make at home.

For those who want to know more about the piccolo latte there is a Wikipedia entry here and another Wiki for a similar drink, the cortado, here.

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