Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Australia Censored

The Luddite, Senator Stephen Conroy, still plans to introduce legislation for the internet filter for Australia similar to other bastions of democracy like China and Iran. Forget that most of the Western world thinks the plan is stupid and a waste of time. Conroy's filter will essentially slow the internet now for Australians just so they can prevent us going to website on the super sekrit Refused Classification list. We're not even allowed to know what is on the RC list. Thankfully, however, the list was leaked last year and now we know we're being protected from a Queensland dentist's website, hundreds of legal adult entertainment sites, some sites on euthanasia research, legal gambling sites, vacation kennels for dogs, Youtube videos, medical stem cell information sites and homosexual rights sites. There is no appeal and no oversight. Once a site is refused classification it is listed and we don't get to know unless when you attempt to access the site you will be bounced by the filter. Tough cookies. I wouldn't be surprised if Wikileaks, the site that leaked the RC list, will be listed. Oh yes, if a government decides that a site doesn't fall into line with that governments particular philosophy once the firewall is in place it is easy for them to block it. Ain't democracy grand. Arseholes.
The Pirate Party is doing their bit to help circumvent the almost inevitable filter by releasing a slideshow to show pensioners how to get around the filter. If geriatrics can do get around the filter it shows that the whole filter fiasco is a waste of time.

This bloke has a good summary of the whole sordid affair here.

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