Thursday, 2 September 2010


I've made the journey to Melbourne for the 68th Annual Worldcon - Aussiecon Four. Worldcon is the World Science Fiction Convention held to celebrate science fiction and fantasy. Worldcon culminates with the Hugo Awards ceremony on Sunday night. The writer guest of honour this year is Kim Stanley Robinson.

View of Melbourne from the convention centre

Today was all about orientation and registration. There were lots of panels after the official opening at 2pm but apart from a couple of author readings I spent a lot of time, and money, in the dealers room. Don't get excited. We're not talking about dealing crack here. Then again it is like crack for me - books.

Worldcon opening ceremony

Guests of honour (Right to left) Kim Stanley Robinson, Shaun Tan & Robin Johnson

I had wanted to register my name for a kaffeeklatsch with John Scalzi. Kaffeeklatsches are small group discussion with authors with a maximum of 10 guests over coffee. Of course Scalzi's session was booked out probably before I got out of bed this morning. I was able to get my name down for Sean Williams but he was sick and the session was cancelled. Third time lucky maybe with Garth Nix? Nope, his session was cancelled too. There are kaffeklatsches every day of the con so I've got a couple more days find another author to stalk.

The Melbourne Covention Centre is part of the Crown Casion complex so it is just a short walk to the eateries at Crown. Most of the restaurants are too expensive for a quick snack so I got a dodgy steak sanger for $10 bucks. I could have paid almost thirty bucks for burger at Rockpool Bar and Grill though. While I was eating I got into conversation with a couple at my table. Helen Lowe is an author whose second novel was released today. I enjoyed having a chat with Helen and her partner. Kiwis are such friendly people.

I went to a reading with a couple of authors. First up was an old fave of mine Aussie author Sean McMullen. He read from his entertaining YA novel novel Before The Storm. I'll definitely be tracking down a copy of that one. The next reading was by Shirley Jackson award winning author Robert Shearman. I was about to duck out before Robert started but I'm glad I didn't. He read a short story from his award winning collection. What an entertaining read and story.

Sean McMullen

Robert Shearman

Schlock Mercenary author Howard Tayler signing his books and really personalising the autograph with a picture.

Hugo Awards

Tomorrow I have a couple of books signings I want to get to and a shiteload of panels.

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  1. Wow! Sounds awe inspiring.I would not understand a word they are saying. Wonderful experience and motivation for you to complete your book. I am so proud of you. You are brilliant. One thing though dear don't spend your baby girl's inheritence on too many books!!!!!! Enjoy. xx