Robert Silverberg, Grand Master.

The video above is the Q&A session of the Novellas: The Perfect Format panel.

Usually I'd find time to have lunch around one o'clock but because there was only an hour left for me at Worldcon I had to make what time I had count. So a Flake would have to do for munchies. The last panel I chose to see was The Race To The Red Planet with Kim Stanley Robinson, David D. Levine and Jim Benford. Jim is Greg's twin brother. At the time I though Greg looked a little different and when I asked Kim and Jim to pose together for a photo I think I said "Stan can you pose with Greg please"? Oops.

Kim Stanley Robinson and JIM Benford.
Kim Stanley Robinson, David D Levine and Jim Benford.

This was another fascinating panel. All three participants contributed well and they were entertaining considering the almost dry nature of the talk. Not dry for me though. What could be more interesting than discussing nuke rockets to Mars?

This snippet of video is the Q&A session towards the end of the panel.

And that was it. Except for a last swing around the dealer's room to buy more books, Aussiecon Four, the 68th Annual World Science Fiction Convention in Melbourne Australia, was done and dusted for me. Still to come this evening for everybody else was the Hugo Awards ceremony and more panels and activities tomorrow. But for me it was all over. I was really reluctant to leave. I knew I had a plane to catch but I wanted to soak in more of the atmosphere before I left. Except for the occasional Steampunk costume I hadn't seen many costumed attendees but as I was leaving I was treated to a few people dressed up in Star Wars costumes. About time too. A quick couple of happy snaps and I headed for the doors. As I crossed the lobby I encountered my final pro guest for the con, Howard Tayler. Fair dinkum he was everywhere. Anyway, I went up to him, shook his hand and said on behalf of this con goer to him as a representative of the pro guests thanks for making my Worldcon fantastic. And it was.