Thursday, 9 September 2010

Baby update

Michelle's belly is expanding almost exponentially now. At this rate we will need to move into a new flat by December. Speaking of December, that means the aforementioned as yet still unnamed little girl is only about 3 and half months from turning our lives upside down. So far she has been gestating for 24 weeks and now she is kicking and punching like Hit Girl in Kick-Ass. Each time this daddy to be feels his little girl kick, his stomach flip flops and he has trouble swallowing. Apparently he also starts writing in 3rd person.


  1. Wonderful news!!! We are also veeeeeery excited and happy for you. You old softy you!!! Savor every minute as it will soon be Christmas and your precious baby girl will be in the world and turn it upside down. Go gently. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Mary is a nice name from ben