Saturday, 11 September 2010

Venus, Mars, Spica, the Moon and a UFO over Sydney

The western sky over Sydney last night had an excellent grouping of the moon, a couple of planets and a star. At the top we have a bright Venus. Below that a little bit is Mars. Moving down the photo roughly half way and a little below Mars, according to the excellent Astroblog, is Spica. Just above the tree at the bottom of the photo is the crescent moon.

The second photo is more exciting. I think I managed to capture a UFO*. It is just above the moon. It is a classic cigar shaped craft with what appears to be 5 bright lights. Shiiiit. Somebody call the media.

*Here endeth my attempted UFO hoax. It is just a plane taking off from the airport. The streak of light is what you get after a 4 second exposure (4 secs, ISO 80 and F2.8 at around 7pm).

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