Thursday, 16 September 2010

Perving and baby update

I was out shopping today when a particularly attractive woman with a baby in a stroller caught my eye. A classic older yummy mummy. A MILF even. I knew that somehow I had crossed some sort of line when I realised that I had turned around and was straining to get a better look of her... stroller. It was a bright aqua coloured Maclaren or Steelcraft stroller and not one of the huge 3 wheeler prams you see most people pushing around. The baby, a big chubby baby, was sprawled out lying flat so the stroller looked like it works well for infants too. Something like what we'll need real soon now. Of course if the mummy had turned around all she would have seen some grey haired chubby bloke apparently ogling her. Yikes.

I used to so enjoy checking out the yummy mummies for their own sake. Now I'm looking at the babies and the baby gear and accessories like prams (that looks good I wonder how much that cost etc etc etc). There must be some truth to the report that testosterone levels for expectant dads drops during the pregnancy.

And speaking of babies. The one baby that preoccupies every other waking thought is apparently wriggling around like a hyperactive monkey. Michelle was enjoying breakfast on the balcony yesterday morning when she happened to look down at her belly and see, not just feel, the baby kick. That is some milestone. I grin like a loon and jig on the spot when she tells me that sort of thing. Which doesn't make for a very attractive picture come to think of it.

Excuse me now but I have to go and do something manly...


  1. Sounds good - socrates and Fuji

  2. Fantastic! Always nice to perve at prams and strollers. Not unusual at all !!!!!!!! How will Perni handle his mum with another baby? xxxxxxxxxx