Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Reserve Bank delivery

I was just out buying a coffee when half a dozen police bikes came screaming up Phillip Street and blocked off the street. About 20 seconds behind came a convoy of cop cars, black 4wds and three flat bed trucks. The 4wds were full of Special Operations Group cops. They're the scary buggers, dressed head to toe in black with ski masks, helmets and machine guns. The three ordinary looking trucks each had a large oblong shaped object covered in green tarpaulin on the back. The three trucks disappeared down into the underground car park of the Reserve Bank. The mind boggles as to what was being delivered. I'm thinking gold or cash or maybe Tiger Woods' divorce settlement. If it had been the Westpac building I guess it would have been bananas.

Unfortunately I wasn't able to get a picture. My phone's battery had just gone dead after yacking to Michelle. Oh well. Next time. There's always shit happening in Martin Place.


  1. No idea. Delivery to the Reserve Bank with a heavily armed escort of police suggests cash or gold. The RBA at Martin Place is where the Australian reserve of gold is stored but the objects on the trucks looked to big to contain that much gold. You never know though, there may have been a couple of tonnes or so on each truck.