Monday, 7 December 2009

Jarvis Cocker - The Videos and sum up

Jarvis is quite the comedian. He is just about the first singer/entertainer I've seen where his in between banter was genuinely funny. He mentioned the irony in that today, December 7, was National Cotton Candy Day in the US and also the anniversary of Pearl Harbour. Cotton candy, or as we say fairy floss, makes everything better. I wish it did.
For a guy only a little older than I am he bounced around the stage like hyperactive five year old. He was able strut and swagger in a way that I've only seen Jagger and Nick Cave pull off successfully. Anybody else would look like a wanker. Unfortunately we didn't get any Pulp songs but what we did get was a pretty good representation of his solo work. Some of that was so much better live too.

Yes Jarvis, the c***s are still running the world. Excellent way to finish.

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