Thursday, 17 December 2009

I'm allowed a beer for my birthday

Redoak Boutique Beer Cafe for this rather auspicious yet solo occasion. The 17th of december 1964 seems a lifetime away. Well at least one. Mine. Happy birthday to me. Hope the next year is better than the last. Fuck it, I'm having dessert too. Which means 4 more teeny beers. So much for any meaningful work this arvo. Shit, I still have to walk back to work.

Seafood Tasting Board
Marinated tartare of kingfish with cucumber, truffle oil & micro herbs (Organic Hefeweizen)
Citrus cured Atlantic Salmon with extra virgin olive oil (Honey Ale)
Crispy scallop, eschalot and sesame wonton (Organic Pale Ale)
Prawn, spinach and Honey Ale soup with coriander cream (Irish Red Ale)

Dessert Tasting Board
Honey Ale pannacotta with orange zest confit (Organic Hefeweizen)
Vanilla bean custard, strawberry & mint tartlet (Irish Red Ale)
Coconut and raspberry slice with toasted coconut (Honey Ale)
Chocolate and Oatmeal Stout pot with raspberry cream and chocolate garnish (Porter)

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