Saturday, 12 December 2009

Green Day done like a dinner

Um... there's a bunch of posts missing. Email must've fudged up. Will fix that tomorrow when I'm less buggered.
Green Day = Awesome. So punkalicious. Even had me bouncing up and down like it was 1995 all over again. Oh, and the reason for buggeredness? Green Day played for just on 3 hours. Sheeeeeeeeit. It is rare these days for an artist to top 90 minutes including encores so at almost 180 minutes Green Day must top the value for money stakes at least.

The Sydney Morning Herald had a preview here. Haven't found any reviews yet but there is set list here. One minor snark, every time Billie J screamed out "SYDNEY" I thought of Spinal Tap saying hello Springfield and/or Shelbyville. On the whole though it was an awesome show. Mostly new stuff with smattering of old tracks and covers throughout.

In a previous post I mentioned the number of kids with their mums and dads here. Half the crowd today might not have even been born the last time I saw Green Day. Last time round, in '95, half the kids had spiky coloured hair. This time not so much. Maybe the old punk aesthetic has gone out the window?

Update: Sydney Morning Herald review of the Friday (I went Saturday) night show here.

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