Thursday, 13 January 2011

Two weeks in... a life time to go.

My how time flies. Or does it? The last two weeks have been a blur of nappy changes, feeding and nursing. Babies are vitality vampires. They suck up every little part of your life you have. Had! I looked out the window this morning and I saw something flutter by. It was the last vestige of our previous life. Life BG (before Georgia). But do you know what? Who cares. I wouldn't change our new life for the world. So long internet, reading, TV, movies, eating out and just plain old chill time. I'm going to miss you. Seriously though it isn't that bad. Consider this small blog post for example. I still had time to tap this out. Albeit because mummy was in the shower and didn't catch me goofing off on the intertoobs.

I get some respite. I can go out to shop. For food or baby stuff we didn't realise we needed until Georgia came along. Exciting stuff. At least I have work to look forward to. Um... until yesterday that is. My contract is up at the end of this week and won't be extended. Oh no, I no longer have a job to go to. I will have to stay home with Michelle and Georgia and bond with my baby daughter for longer than I expected.

Michelle has the short end of the stick. She is the one breast feeding after all. Breast feeding takes a long time. Sometimes 45 minute to an hour at a time then two hours later she has to do it all again. I'm getting a little bit of sleep at night but Michelle has to get up 2 or 3 times after midnight to feed Georgia. Sometimes Georgia has trouble attaching and screams like a raptor in frustration. Luckily for us she isn't a cry baby but when she does cry it's like the scream of a banshee with a blood curdling howl that I'm sure has opened the gates of hell just a little bit. If the demon spawn get through and the apocalypse happens don't say I didn't warn you but it was probably our little angel that woke them up.

As I said two weeks ago. Little Georgia is the best thing that has ever happened to us. Two weeks down and life time to look forward to. Just don't grow up too fast my little angel.

Two weeks and one day today.

More pictures here.

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  1. Of course you would not change it - she is gorgeous as is her mum.Socrates and Fuji