Friday, 21 January 2011

Friday night in Redfern

On a quiet warm night in Redfern nothing much happens. It has been years since we saw a riot here. And by here I mean in the suburb. Not here in our quiet little street hundreds of metres away from where all the exciting stuff happens. Michelle did watch a little to-do once from the very window the photos below were taken from when some coppers, with guns drawn, pulled over a car load of alleged crims and ordered them from the car. When the cops announced that the "crims" were under arrest one of the arrestees replied "No shit sherlock".

Anyway that was in the daylight hours some time ago. Tonight's festivities were limited to a couple of cops pulling over a vehicle with a single occupant.

Click the photos to encopinate.

The female cop keeps an eye on the car's driver while the male cop calls in the details.

The cops must've called for backup because another police car arrives with another couple of cops.

All four cops start checking the vehicle. But wait. There is a line in the classic 80s zombie film "Return Of The Living Dead", "Send more cops".

Now we have 7 or 8 cops interrogating the driver or thoroughly searching the car.

Of course a pat down is order.

You sit right down there son while we give your car the once over.

Mustn't forget the boot.

'Allo 'allo what have we here? A plastic bag of suspicious looking material. Funny, the suspicious package glows like the Mcguffin in Pulp Fiction.

Suspicious baggie of goods obviously not that suspicious on further inspection. It is your lucky day son. On your way.

And we are back to a quiet suburban street where really not much happens. Indeed, not much happened here this evening.

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