Wednesday, 26 January 2011

First Easter Eggs for the year... and it is still frackin' January.

I think Easter may be my favourite holiday. The Easter Bunny was crucified so that we could enjoy delicious chocolatey treats. But the chocolatey goodness seems to be appearing earlier and earlier every year. It is still Summer for Flying Spaghetti Monster's sake. January. I bought these Easter Eggs in Woolworths in Redfern today. Awesome. There goes the diet.

But the record for the earliest appearance this year was a few days ago. The Easter Eggs below I spotted on the 21st of January in Coles in Redfern. This may have been the earliest release of Easter Eggs I've seen so far.

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  1. Column8 no longer takes submissions for Easter egg spotting unless they are spotted prior to New Years.I did notice Santa chocs at Darrell Lae Eastgardens at 50% off this week. Unusual to see Xmas chocs this late in Jan.