Friday, 28 January 2011

Grinderman at the Enmore Theatre

This is the first gig I've been to PG. Post Georgia that is. She has only been in the world for four weeks so it hasn't been that much of a drought. I did have to ditch the Big Day Out two days ago though because it wouldn't have been seemly to leave Michelle and Georgia home alone for 12 hours with Georgia only being four weeks old n'all. Most of the bands at this year's BDO I'd put in the nice to see bracket anyway. Except, that is, for Grinderman. They're in the I've been champing at the bit for a couple of years to see them bracket.

Grinderman is Nick Cave's other band. They did a show or two a couple of years ago at All Tomorrow's Parties at Mt Bulla but not at the Sydney show so I missed them then. I got a ticket to this show just in case of the off chance I'd miss them at the Big Day Out this year. And I did. Miss the BDO. So lucky eh? Almost didn't make it to this show though. Georgia wasn't settling before I left and it was only when she started to feed and Michelle was happy I was comfortable enough to leave. As it was I only missed the first 4 or 5 songs.

What I did see was pretty bloody good. Grinderman are definitely not Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds even if there are a couple of familiar faces in both line-ups. Most notably Nick Cave, the strutting rock god himself, and Warren "Rasputin" Ellis. When I say definitely not I mean that is a good thing. Nick Cave at ATP was just about the best gig I've ever been to. That is a hard act to follow. Grinderman was almost as good though. They are still in a class of their own. They're brilliant. The worst thing about the show? I missed the first 4 or 5 songs. The second worst thing? I missed the support act. Ed Kuepper. Dammit. I like Ed too. Georgia if you're reading this in years to come it wasn't your fault daddy missed some of the show tonight. He would've given up the whole show if you needed him. Thankfully that wasn't the case and I was treated to something special.

Setlist here. Or there will be a soon as somebody who isn't me updates it.

Gig of the year? Possibly according to Click here for review.

Lots of photos below. Click 'em to embiggen 'em.

Here's a little video taster of the gig. Palaces of Montezuma. Currently one of my very favourite songs. The sound in the video is very very distorted though.

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