Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Hats Off Dinner at Bilson's Restaurant

This is the second of October's Sydney International Food Festival dinners we're participating in this year. Bilson's is Tony Bilson's 2 Hat fine dining restaurant with a series French bent in Sydney. Tony Bilson has been around for decades and many a top chef in Australia and internationally learnt their chops under the tutelage of Tony Bilson. Bilson's was one of the six Sydney restaurants to lose their third Hat in the most recent edition of the Good Food Guide. It is still, as should be said, bloody good tucker.
The theme of this evenings meal is to "... rediscover the classics of Nouvelle Cuisine – the name given to the revolution that took place in the kitchens of France in the 1970s. With dishes from three-star chefs such as Alain Chapel, Paul Bocuse, Pierre Troisgros and Michel Guerard, this gastronomic journey will show you how the cuisine of these iconic chefs has influenced contemporary cooking."

Egg and caviar. Michele Guerard. This gives Marque's take on the boiled egg a run for its money.

Mussels in Saffron sauce. Roger Vergé.

Saumon a l'Oseille. Jean et Pierre Troisgros.

Partridge en Salmis, Petit Pois Francaise. Paul Bocouse.

The man himself, Tony Bilson, even made an appearance this evening. It isn't very often you see the chef/patron who owns the restaurant dining there.

Petit Fromage Affine. Michael Roux.

Mille Feuille with red fruits. Gaston Lenotre.

Petit Fours.

Bilson's Restaurant is in the Radisson Plaza Hotel 27 O'Connell Street in Sydney and has two Good Food Guide Chef's Hats.

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