Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Baby update - 30 and half week ultrasound

This is the scan the midwife suggested we do because the baby is tracking big. Today we were in the very capable hands of Dr Felicity Park. Dr Park was very reassuring and the ultrasound went well. All the measurements - placenta, baby, amniotic fluid - were all in the normal range. Some baby measurements were in the high range - up around the 90th percentile - but still normal. We think she is going to be a largish bub. She is currently around 1990 grams (a little over 4 lbs) and if she keeps gaining weight at the same rate she could be around 3700 grams (maybe 8 lbs) by the due date according to the computer projections. Michelle's birth weight was 3250 grams and mine was about 3900 grams so she may weigh somewhere between us. Anything less than 4 kg would be good as far as Michelle is concerned. She is the one who has to squeeze her out after all.

As far as the pretty pictures go she was sitting (hand standing?) in a head down bum up position and seems to be happily moving around - rolling, pushing, kicking. She still looks beautiful (of course). Apparently we can get a selection of snapshots from all the ultrasounds we've had so far if we bring in a USB thumb drive next time.

All in all Dr Park was very happy with the results and that everything is proceeding according to plan. We'll still need another ultrasound in 3 weeks to confirm a normal growth rate for she-who-is-as-yet-unnamed but we're more optimistic now.

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