Saturday, 2 October 2010

Grand Final Replay day... and Moira's birthday at Restaurant Jacques Reymond

Because of the draw between the Magpies and the Saints in last week's Grand Final we have a replay this week. The AFL has changed the rules for the replay so that there will be extra time at the end of the game in case of another draw. No such luck though. The Pies flogged the Saints.
Collingwood 16.12.108 defeated St. Kilda 7.10.52
I thought it was all over at quarter time. There's an old adage says everyone's favourite team is whoever they barrack for or whoever is playing the Collingwood Magpies. We're all losers today. I reckon there'll be 50,000 new Magpie supporters in 9 months time.

What better way to get over a big footy loss than a party. My little sis, Moira, is celebrating her 40th birthday today and she has organised a party for her closest friends and family (that were able to make the trip - sorry Ben and Sonja) at Restaurant Jacques Reymond.

We, me Michelle and Moira, sussed out Jacques a few months ago and had one of the better meals we've ever had. We new we'd be in good hands if Moira booked Jacques' for he birthday and we were.

Dob and Lan

Is it time to dance yet?

Who the hell invited the bloke with the camera?

Anthony and Trish

Speech - thanks for coming and leave your money on the fridge.

Marg, Moira and Lan.

Jasmine, Gerard, Anthony and Trish

Pop and Ma

Me, Michelle (and yet to be named 28 week old bun in the oven) and Nick.

Two tastes of scallops with seasonal flavours, a cerviche with swede, artichoke chips and lemon myrtle, seared scallops with beetroot, apple and cider emulsion.

Delice soufflé of cottage cheese and aged comté, a stinging nettle and watercress sauce.

The ocean, flounder and oysters, fresh wasabi warm flounder 'sashimi' with fresh grated horseradish and togarashi, a natural oyster and sea water, a warm oyster with wasabi dressing, crispy tempura of white anchovy.

The room to ourselves.

Sweet and sour pekin duck like tucupi, a spiced nougatine of flaked salt and ginger, a lemon sauce, sourness of wilted sorrel and crisp duck skin salad, four pepper squid and yoghurt.

A new taste and technique of presenting prime eye fillet of Angus beef, warm salad of seared and slow poached beef reinventing the classic beef a la ficelle, millefeuilles of potato aioli with sesame, grandmother garnish and shiitake, natural cooking juices.

Roasted snapper, espelette pimento and mustard seed butter, a white onion tart, fluffy parsnip and yabbies, textures of enoki and Australian pure virgin olive oil, a green lettuce emulsion.

Chocolate - White chocolate créme brulèe, mild spice cacao sorbet, milk chocolate millefeuilles, dark chocolate soufflé.

Spice Strawberries - Poached fresh strawberries in a port and cassis infusion of mild spices, liquorice and bourbon vanilla ice cream, chocolate mint mousse, four pepper crispy tuille.

Lan, Moira and Gab

Subtility around a Pear - Baked to order bosc pear tart, fisherman's friend and pear delicacy, pearls of pear, yoghurt and saffron sorbet.


Monica and Con

Nick and Moira

Nice strong coffee - a piccolo latte.

Petit fours.

Moira and Jacques Reymond.

Marg, Jacques and Moira

Marg, Jacques and Barry

Gabrielle and Gareth.

Ah, sweet relief.

Top people, top night, top food. I hope Jacques wasn't too upset by our mobbing him like culinary rock star (he is a culinary rock star though). I tried to restrain my fan boy squeeing.

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  1. You truly are amazing. Fantastic! Thank you so much.Golden memories of a wonderful night/weekend.Go gently. Love Mum xxxxx