Saturday, 23 October 2010

Baby update - 30 weeks

We had a our first midwife visit at the RPA today. Not sure how it went really. I'm a little concerned although I probably shouldn't be. First baby jitters most likely. However Michelle had a largish fundal measurement. She is measuring 34 cm at 30 weeks. Generally the centimetres should be close to the weeks, 30cm at 30 weeks or so for example. They give a bit of leeway. A couple of cm either way isn't any concern. 4 cm is on the high side of normal according to the midwife though. Our first visit with the obstetrician a couple of weeks was the first time the fundal measurement came up. The doctor said it was high-ish but in the normal range and if the next visit, this current one, showed a similar measurement we should get an ultrasound to see what is going on. Gestational diabetes is one of the reasons the measurement could be high. For this reason the midwife asked Michelle to have the full 2 hour diabetes check (Monday) which involves drinking a glucose drink and multiple blood tests. We've booked the ultrasound for Wednesday and the blood results should be available then too.

Jackie, the midwife, kept reassuring us that there was likely nothing wrong and we shouldn't be concerned because a big baby is another reason for the large fundal measurement. Neither of us a little people - Michelle is quite tall.

So. I'm trying not to worry but we're first time expectant parents with only weeks to go so it is what we do.


  1. Hello you dear man. Stop worrying and enjoy the moment. Little Madam Nixon may have decided she wants to come into the world for a 2010 Christmas while her Paternal grandparents are O S.!!!!!! You come from big (AND VERY HANDSOME) stock. Michelle, although stunningly beautiful is not petite. All will be well.Just go gently. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. I'll tell Michelle you think she's fat.

    And we're not worried. This was from a week ago. All good now.

  3. jackie is a nice name. from ben