Sunday, 16 August 2009

Pancakes for lunch

Michelle had told me we can't go to the Pancake Parlour any more because these pancakes are so good. We have buttermilk pancakes with whipped butter, real Canadian Maple syrup, bacon, poached eggs, oven baked tomatoes and Michelle also had some English spinach.

Update for German Sibling: The recipe for whipped butter is essentially that - you beat the shit out of some room temperature butter until it is light, white and fluffy. The buttermilk pancakes are easy too. One or two cups of self raising flour an egg and maybe a quarter to half a cup of sugar. Whisk that and add butter milk until you have a pancake mix consistency - not too runny. I used about 450 ml of buttermilk today. You can use ordinary milk like we have for most of our lives but lately I've found the buttermilk gives it that Lovely Pancake Parlour flavour. I do it by look and feel. I don't measure it all out as such. Try and get some real Canadian Maple Syrup. The maple flavoured just doesn't cut it. Even in the Pancake Parlour they charge extra for the real deal otherwise you just get the flavoured shite - but it will do in a pinch. Honey works too I suppose.
It is the one gastronomic contribution from Yank culture that I think is sublime. A couple of years ago I would've had a fit if you made me eat this but now...
PS: Michelle said she has all those lovely recipes on her blog but the one you want is pancakes. LOL :-)


  1. 5pm lunch........ hmmmmm. looks awesome! do you have a recipe for the pancakes and whipped butter or did you just buy the whipped butter
    from german sibling

  2. also maple syrup with bacon..... what the fück! i'm the same as you in more ways then some of my other siblings. gerard says i have your nose and sweaty hands, und und und blah blah blah i trink ice coffe every day, gee i'm like shagger. i love pancakes and whipped butter and maple syrup( "Kanadisch Ahornsirup" in german)i also love bacon! but i couldn't have all that on 1 plate. sweet syrup pancakes etc with salty bacon, on one plate! thats wrong! your wrong! your turning into a fat wrong sepo bro! enjoy your food by all means, but please... whats next icecream on your pizza. you go to 2 hats then you make bacon with maple syrup, you are sick. thats wrong, and you've draging michelle down to your level, god, at least she didn't tip halfa litre maple syrup on her pancakes and she had greens.
    eat a salid

  3. sorry salad salat

  4. Michelle had 1/4 litre of maple syrup on hers. It is truly delicious. It is the best way to have bacon and eggs.

  5. thanks for the update for me! i do have the ridgy didge fairdinkum canadian ahorn sirip , not cheap but worth it! sonja sometimes buys butter milk (don't know what she does with it?) but now i know what i'll be doing with it next time i see some in the frige!. As 4 michelles blog...... i just spent about half an hour going through it all, what can i say? Awesome! its fücking Awesome! god i'm hungry, i'm going to make me an ice coffee :)

  6. Shane, that looks quite full on. I hope you went for a run after this.