Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Nine shafts footy fans... again

Thanks Channel Nine for screwing us northern footy fans again. You were doing so well for almost two years too Nine. Footy Classified and the AFL Footy Show live on Nine HD on Monday and Thursday nights respectively. But now, apparently because of your new digital Channel "GO" (WTF? GO?), there isn't going to be any more separate programming on 9 and 9HD. According to the smarmy switchboard operator at Nine, Footy Classified is gone from our screens in Sydney (and Brisbane) and won't be shown again. For god's sake smarmy switchboard operator you didn't have to sound so smug about it either. Bitch.
The Footy Show, on HD, is going back to the usual Sydney time slot of midnightish too. Thanks for that as well Nine. You're not even going to move Footy Classified to GO or put it on at a some ungodly hour for us to record either. Arseholes.
GO's schedule is full of repeats and reality. Do you think you're going to get more viewers for Dance Your Ass Off on GO? Epic Fail on that one Nine. I'll tell you something for nothing Nine. I've either seen it or I'm not interested. Thanks for asking.
At least we can catch Game Day on the 7 HD channel on Sunday mornings and One Week At A Time on ONE HD on Monday nights and even The Offsiders on the ABC also on Sunday mornings. We'll enjoy them for as long as they last. I can still get my footy fix. Actually your on screen talent consistently bags the coverage of football on Seven and Ten. Yeah, there are issues especially with Seven but the fact that Garry Lyon slagged off Seven for delayed coverage of the footy last weekend on the very show that was yanked from Sydney was ironic. I think it was irony? I can never tell. Anyway, it shows the level of support for AFL in Sydney (and Brisbane) from the Nine Network. Jesus, to think I'd forgotten why I was pleased that Nine lost the footy rights a few years ago.
Don't tell me the Rugby League types at Nine HQ in Sydney got their noses out of joint when Karmichael Hunt defected to the AFL last week? That would actually be funny.
So Footy Classified is gone from Sydney screens and The Footy Show is back to midnight again. Thanks Nine. Thanks a lot.

Slow work day but what's the point in having a blog if you can't whinge about shit occassionally.


  1. Beautiful rant Shane. I concur with all said.

  2. Now I gotta put it on paper and snail mail it to Nine.

  3. do it please. i want the afl footy show back

  4. Send it to
    a) the courier mail
    b) the daily telegraph
    c) red and white online
    d) every other blog in the country

    Pressure 'the man' Shane!