Monday, 14 June 2010

Myrtleford Butter Factory

Long weekends don't seem so long when you're on your way back home. Before heading off on a 7 hour drive you need to have a good breakfast and that is why we stop in Myrtleford at The Butter Factory. Coffee, toast, pancakes with butter and Canadian maple syrup, bacon and eggs and eggs benedict.
The Butter Factory is pretty popular so we weren't able get a seat inside but they eventually managed to get a heater started up on the verandah which made sitting outside marginally less freezing. It had been cold enough that their cold water pipes had frozen earlier that morning. When I was growing up here as a kid our water pipes froze on a regular basis in Winter. Many a morning we'd have no cold water till midday when the sun had a chance to thaw out the pipes.

After brekky team Nixon split up. Moira went south to Melbourne and home and we set a course north for Sydney.
Only one more incident of note for the weekend before we got home. I seemed to be pissing people off this weekend. We stopped for petrol in Albury about an hour into the trip. I filled it up, paid and went to the dunny. I thought I'd better wash the windscreen because it was spattered with bugs and it was pretty messy. I'd just started doing the windscreen when I realised that a 4 wheel drive was parked in behind the Cressida in the queue to get petrol. The woman in the car leaned out and said "You've been there a while. Move out of the way so I can fill up." I thought, give me a break I won't be that long but I said "I won't be long. How about I move forward a bit?"
She said "No move over there," she gestured to the car park about 50 metres away, "You've been there a while." I noticed now that she was quite cranky.
Rude bitch I thought and I picked up the water bucket and squeegee again and went back to my windscreen. I was going to move the car a bit so she could get closer to the fuel pump but she blew it by being rude. She got out of her car to give me another serve. I think fucking dick was mentioned. I ignored her and kept meticulously cleaning all my windows. I had intended to clean all the windows from the get go but now I thought she was really going to be annoyed. And she was. "Now you're just being a fucking prick," she said.
"A bit," I said.
She kept jumping into and out of her car to say a few choice words to me. I told her if she stopped annoying me I could get it done quicker.
By now Michelle had returned from the dunny and I filled her in on what had been happening. Michelle said something to me and the woman jumped out of her car again and started towards us saying "What did you call me?"
Michelle just said "I wasn't talking to you" and the woman sized up Michelle and she got back into her car. She kept mouthing off at us though. I finished the windows and we got into the car and drove off, slowly. The woman rolled her car forward with her head out the window spouting shit at us. I wound down my window and told her to relax and have a good day. Bitch.
I think I just attract/provoke the wrong sort of crowd. Maybe I am a prick.

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  1. God you guys eat well. I'm jelous. jesus what a bitch. lucky with food, unlucky with people