Wednesday, 22 April 2009

This evening's meal

Creamy celeriac and potato soup.

Steak with the French butter from the other night and mixed green vegies in butter and oil: zucchini, asparagus, sugar snaps and Italian beans.

This dessert is so simple it is almost a sin. Figs are marinated in Vincotto for an hour or so then lightly blow torched with a creme brulee blow torch. Drizzle the vincotto marinade over the top and add a scoop of mascarpone on the side to finish off. Very delicious. Very simple and very delicious, but I already said that. By the way vincotto (click here for more info) is literally cooked wine. Sometimes it can be a balsamic vinegar based vincotto. It is very sweet and has an almost syrup like consistency. We bought a couple of different brands from Fratelli Fresh and Jones The Grocer to see how they'd go. One local, from the Hunter Valley, and one from Italy. Two from two so far. Very nice.

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