Monday, 9 March 2009

Mmm imported Weetabix

Benno brought me a gift. Lovely German Weetabix. Thanks Ben. Identical to English Weetabix and Kenyan Weetabix for that matter but all delicious. Expensive and difficult to get in Oz. Actually it is almost impossible to get the Weetabix branded cereal now. Sanitarium registered or trade marked the name Weetabix in Australia and has banned anyone from importing Weetabix. Bastards. We can get generic Whole Wheat Biscuits from the speciality English food importers and even Coles now too. But they are expensive. They do, however, come out of the same factory as Weetabix. So in your face Sanitarium.
Interestingly, the product that went on to become Weetabix was invented here in Australia in 1898.


  1. Try coles surry hiills next to the fresh milk section. they have a little pommy bastard section with a variety of pommy goodies.

  2. Funny you should mention that. Discovered that yesterday. Spooky eh?