Monday, 9 March 2009

Ben and the Germans fly in

Ben and the Kößer family have touched down in Oz. It's Ben's first time back to Australia in 3 years and the first time with Sonja as his wife - they got married in Germany. A little bit of a delay coming through customs because of the Aussie Rugby Sevens teams were on the same flight. Men and Women's teams. Apparently the women's team won the World Cup in Dubai hence the waiting media (see photo below) and cheer squads.

Karl was on the receiving end of some typical Sydney Customs snarky arsehole treatment too unfortunately. What is it about Sydney customs officials? The worst experiences we've ever had going through customs anywhere in the world have been in Sydney. Jeeze they can be arseholes. Anyway, everybody made it here safe and sound and now they're in a rental car heading to Nowra.

Willkommen in Australien Kößer Familie.

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  1. hey,
    have a nice time over there.
    many greetings to all of u...what a pitty i cant be with u all :(

    u are so hot hunnie :) love u!!!