Thursday, 29 January 2009

Tetsuya's c'est fin

Teh hawsome. We're even getting a box of petit fours to go. How good is that! Again, this has been a night at Tetsuya's Restaurant in Sydney. One of the top 50 restaurants in the world. Good night.


  1. hey you two, glad you enjoyed it, looked awesome!It was just your beluga Roe that i was anti. obviously they can put on a sensational feed at Tetsuya's, top ten in the world i've heard. its just it seems that all these flash restaurants always have to have an endangered species on the menu, goes hand in hand. i mean 13 courses, why couldn't they substitute the Beluga Roe for something else? your best caviars you put em on bread or something not ontop of salmon or whatever it was ontop of. waste of roe

  2. My mistake and I fixed it. Avruga Roe (herring) not Beluga. Nothing endangered on the menu. Mostly Australian ingredients on the menu.