Saturday, 24 January 2009

Big Day Out Final Wrapup and Review

Big Day Out
Hot. The weather I mean. Thankfully security at the stage barriers spend most of the day hosing down us mad punters with water. They also use the hoses to spray anybody that dared to get up on somebody else's shoulders. Which is fair enough really. I'd hate being stuck behind a fat arse all day.

Neil Young sizzles too. The man deserves his legend status. He did a brilliant incendiary set. A few oldies and a few newies and he finished with a brilliant cover of The Beatles' A Day in the Life, breaking all the strings on his guitar by the time he finished. Hey Hey, My My very nearly had me tearing up. It brought back memories of high school and spending lunch times and free periods playing Rust Never Sleeps over and over.

Anyway it is late now and I'm hot and bothered and need some sleep. I'll finish this sometime over the weekend. I'll leave you with another line that sums up at least part of the day - Dickheads Day Out 09.
In the meantime here is the first Sydney Morning Herald review. (Damn, just noticed he started his review the same way I did - honest I'd written mine before I found his)

Another SMH review here and a review of Neil Young's Entertainment Centre sideshow here.

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