Thursday, 29 January 2009

Tetsuya's 3

Smoked ocean trout, Avruga Roe, an egg yolk and and goats milk curd.


  1. three hats! 1st hat of the evening, the endangered Beluga! the fish takes 20years to mature. One Beluga can way up to 900kg, the roe currently costs US$10,000 per kilo. A younger Beluga's roe is dark grey nearly black (the cheapest beluga roe is around US$7000perKG), a mature beluga's roe is a lighter colour, light grey, the lighter the roe the more mature the fish is.the fish is fished to the brink of extiction and there are no more"20year old mature" ones anymore. A pearly white variety of the beluga's roe last fetched US$25000per KG, rare as hens teeth. As rare as the Myrtlford born, Nowra raised Fire Sprinkler fitter in München
    written by Ben on the couch in Munich

  2. Hiya Benny, you're right about beluga roe. It is actually illegal to import it into Oz. My mistake, I miss heard. It is Avruga Roe. Roe from herring. Not endangered and not illegal. I've fixed the error in the main post.