Friday, 7 October 2011

Lunch time with the girls - Cafe Sopra

Seeing as Aunty Dob is here for a few days we may as well make the most of it and go somewhere decent for lunch. Sopra isn't far from work, for me, and not far from home for the girls. A convenient walk it is but I'd even take a long bus ride to eat here. Always so fresh and delicious. My sweet tooth craves the merengata (formerly known as the Eton Mess) - chantilly cream, meringue and strawberries. Georgia now has the taste for it and I have had to learn to share. Funny what you discover when you do research. Apparently the meringue was invented by an Italian chef in the Swiss village of Meiringen. Interestingly the meringue in the form of pavlova is the Australian, and NZ, national dessert. This merengata is essentially a smashed pavlova. I love pav.

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