Friday, 11 March 2011

Georgia's first trip to the pub

The Erskineville Hotel for fish'n'chips (ordinary - Michelle ended up ditching it and getting a chicken burger) and a steak (okay). At least the company was good (Hi Mark, Sharyn, Gerard and Jasmine).

Georgia's dad spent a lot of time sleeping at pubs too once upon a time.


  1. ha ha ha.Sent the $13 fish and chips to the bin. Extraordany to think that one who spends 2-3 thousand clams per kilo on truffles goes into a local pub & orders the cheapest fish on the menue. The flathead fillets with chips& salad was $15(Was good). The grilled barra with chips&salad was $16. Gee, thats $2 for salad& decent fish.What where you thinking?Didnt you read the menue?
    Michelle, I think it must be me. Every time I've had dinner with you at a pub you have ordered fish . . . & sent it to the bin. Who can forget the Postmans Tavern in Nowra, at least you got your money back there.
    Ha ha ha
    Love and Kisses Maa
    Hi Pernie happy birthday

  2. Who'd think a basic meal like fish'n'chips could be so shit?

  3. And we didn't buy a kilo of truffle... 18 grams.

  4. Caveat Lector
    I think you where rushing when you read the first comment. No where did it say you bought a kilo of truffle. In your truffle post you said how much you bought.
    Ps. Think you should remove that embarrassing link to "Bad Astronomy-Japans nuclear Reactor Overreaction"
    Who is that guy?Wrong on every account.Starts with 4 updates.Shouldnt they be foot notes? Cant believe you linked to that rubbish!

    Love J S Miller

  5. Caveat emptor! Buyer beware.
    Your are correct about the truffles. I re-read what you wrote.
    The blog entries to the right are updated automatically when the blogger creates a new blog post.
    Phil is always interesting. Puts updates right up front so you know if he has got something wrong or something has changed. The nuke thing is pretty fluid at the moment and everyone is relying on whether or not the Japanese government has been forthcoming with reliable info or not. Lots of good links in the comments of that post too.
    Brian Dunning from Skeptoid (I think Phil may have too) linked to this
    Some good scientific info about the Japanese nuke plants...

    Oh, and Phil is a fan of yours Julius.