Tuesday, 15 February 2011

We go out for lunch

We finally got out for lunch. In a restaurant. This is the first time eating out with Georgia so we went for something pretty relaxed and casual but still with excellent food. Cafe Sopra is above (Sopra means above in Italian) Fratelli Fresh, a fruit and vegie market, not far from our place. It has always had excellent Italian inspired food. Last year it was awarded 1 Chef's Hat by the Good Food Guide.

Sopra is noisy enough to be soporific enough to keep a baby asleep. Until, that is, she needs a feed herself.

Luckily Michelle ordered cold dishes - vitello tonato and a rocket, bresaola and apple salad - so when she was interrupted it was no drama to put down the eating irons and feed Georgia. I got to finish my parmesan encrusted chicken scalopini with "Sopra"-slaw because I'm not equipped to feed little ladies.

I got to play the proud daddy while Michelle finished her meal though.
We finished with a fabulous creme brulee.
It was great to get out again. It has been a while. Cafe Sopra was as awesome as ever and very kiddie friendly.
Cafe Sopra is upstairs at Fratelli Fresh at 7 Danks Street Waterloo.

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  1. Good work. SO nice to see you and Michelle out and about again with that gorgeous Georgia. xx