Saturday, 12 February 2011


Here a couple of things that have got my goat recently.

States urged to impose total ban on mobile phone use in cars.
The nanny state gone mad. Yes using a mobile phone or texting in a car is dangerous. Have you ever been behind someone yakking on a mobile while driving? They look like they're driving pissed. By all means ban hand held devices, but hands free? The study suggests that even hands free devices are distracting and could cause accidents. Maybe, but this is taking the nanny state too far. The law would be almost unenforceable anyway. What will they ban next? Passengers? Do you know how distracting passengers can be?

'Appalling' law lets schools expel gay students.
This absolutely appalling law is a relic of the Wran years when homosexuality was still illegal. Holy shit have these people ever heard of basic human rights? The law allows private schools to expel gay students not because they're disruptive or are "flaunting their homosexuality" or harassment. But just because they are gay. What the fuck? It's like outlawing lefthandness or brown eyes. Fucktards.

Christians put faith poll on the agenda.
The Australian Christian Lobby have organised an event where Christian leaders will question Kristina Keneally (Premier) and Barry O'Farrell (Opposition leader) on a range of "social" issues. The ACL did this during the Federal election with the two Federal leaders too. Hello, Church State Separation anybody? Why the leaders pander to this out-of-touch and un-representative to the majority of people in the state I don't know? Maybe I do. Votes. The ACL, and Catholics for that matter, agenda is probably the newly approved Ethics Classes in public schools. For some reason the various religions have been allowed to come into public schools and teach scripture classes once a week. While the classes were technically not compulsory, ask Nowra and Ulladulla High Schools about that though, students who had permission from their parents were not allowed to do anything constructive. No school work or homework was allowed so as not to disadvantage the poor kiddies in the scripture classes. Recently though ethics classes were trialled as alternative to scripture classes. In the trials apparently more than half the kids chose to do the ethics classes instead of scripture. This outraged the Anglicans and the Catholics. I don't know why they have their own fucking schools after all. Now the government is rolling out ethics classes across the board. Ethics are cool. I wish I had them. Last week the Opposition Liberal Party dropped its objection to ethics classes and their promise to remove them from schools. This has again outraged the Christians. It appears to me that the Liberals have seen how the wind is blowing and how popular the ethics classes actually are with voters.
The scripture classes have no place in public schools. Ethics classes are appropriate for public schools, or any school for that matter. If the Christians want to teach scripture they can go and start there own schools. Oh. Hang on. They have their own schools. Hundreds of them. Well piss off out of the state system then. We nominally have a separation of church and state in this country.

DNA and dollars are killing capital punishment.
You'd think this abhorrent practice would be outlawed just because it is barbaric but if DNA evidence and the cost of executions is doing the job, well that will do I suppose. The execution rate in the US has halved since 1999 which was the peak year for judicial homicide in the USA.


  1. Hey mate. Don't hold back. Say how you REALLY feel. Re Scripture and or R E classes in State Schools. NOONE puts a gun to the head of anyone and says you must attend. It is the PARENTS choice!!! Incidently if you do your research you will find that there are maybe 20, max, pupils from each State Schhol who attend these classes, so whythe big deal? When your Gorgous Georgia is at school it will be you and Shel who will decide if and when she has to attend.So take a chill pill. Re Ethics classes. Why can any Government just take it upon themselves to collate and introduce this program with it being viewed by just a small, select group of people without consultations from parents or schools in general???!!!!!!! Did you know that there are some State Schools that were not even advised that an Ethics program was in the offing. What is that beautiful word you use ?!!!!!!!! Can't speak for other Private Schools, but in Catholic Secondary Schools the Principal can't ask the job applicant ANYTHING about their Religious beliefs, gender etc, nor the Students. xxxxx

  2. 1. Parents choice but no alternative. I addressed that. But parents and students are now choosing the ethics classes and the religious organisations don't like that. One wonders why?

    2. 20 per school attend? Tell that to students of Nowra and Ulladulla where it was more or less compulsory because alternative care for students who opted out could not be arranged. More students attend than don't because there is no alternative.

    3. St James Ethics Centre came up with the curriculum. Trialled in about a dozen schools to great success - students, teachers and parents happy. Public submissions were asked for. Only the Australian Christian Lobby, Anglicans and Catholic Church have issue. Majority think it is a great idea. Why do the religions have an issue with ethics?

    4. State schools. It is unconstitutional. The churches can proselytise all they want in their own schools but state schools should be secular and off limits. If you don't like it go to a religious school.

    5. By the way scripture classes haven't been stopped. There is now an alternative being offered which has been a resounding success in the trials and greatly anticipated for the rest of the system. Again, you have to ask yourself why the churches are so scared. Again, scripture classes are still there for those that want them.

    6. Almost forgot about John Howard's multi-million dollar school chaplain program too. Shouldn't be is state schools and a vast waste of money. The churches get heaps of free kicks from governments in Australia and it is wrong.

    7. The law states private schools can expel gay students if they know they're gay.