Wednesday, 29 December 2010

First Family Portrait - LIttle Miss Nixon has arrived

At 12:57am weighing at a reasonably hefty 3754 grams our first child, a girl [insert her name here], was born by caesarean at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital. Considering it was an emergency c-section after a long and fairly difficult labour and still only half way through being stitched up mum looks pretty comfortable and happy with herself doesn't she. And she should be. The little one is beautiful. I would say that though, being her dad and all.
There should be a word for the joy of being a parent for the first time. Nothing I have ever done has pulled the hearts strings from so many directions. You go from grinning with overwhelming joy to bawling like a baby. The effects are contradictory but the feelings seem to come from same place.
You know, there might be a word in English that describes this after all. Love.

More pictures here and here.


  1. Congratulations Michelle and Shane! Little Miss Nixon looks absolutely beautiful!!