Monday, 20 December 2010

10 things I've done you probably haven't

John Scalzi has a list of thing he has done that we probably haven't over on his blog. He invited his readers to participate in the comments of his blog. I couldn't resist.

Note for the smarties: You may have done one or some but I've doubt you've done them all.

1. Had a group of people sing "Happy Birthday" to me outside of Mawson's Hut, Commonwealth Bay, ANTARCTICA.

2. A baby gorilla grabbed my leg as he ambled past in the Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda. He looked up at me and tentatively reached out to touch the hairless ape.

3. Swam with Humpback whales, Tonga.

4. Swam with whale sharks off Ningaloo Reef in Western Australia.

5. Ate a guinea pig in Peru.

6. Took a beating on more than one occasion (stitches involved) when I was a night club doorman.

7. Drove half way around Australia (14000km) in 23 days.

8. Was DJ in an inner city night club for a number of years.

9. Was a contestant on a TV game show, Sale Of The Century.

10. Broke up a fight on the street and disarmed the guy who pulled a knife (easy, he wasn't interested in sticking me with it but I probably shouldn't do that again).


  1. Karlheinze Rosie Pa and I think you are a super hero!!!!!!!! WE have just had lunch at a Restaurant on top of the mountain in the snow at Flachau!!!!!! but YOU are father of the year.xxxxxxxxxxxxxx