Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Simon Singh in Sydney 4

Richard Saunders and Dr Rachie from the Skeptic Zone podcast. Of course I went all fanboy and inarticulate when I met them but now I will have to turn up for the next Skeptics In The Pub because they were so friendly.
BTW I'm not giving the finger. I'm pointing at my t-shirt that says "I'm blogging this". Okay? Good.


  1. I think they should release Skpetic Zone fanboi shirts.

    Glad you got to meet them... lucky bastard.

  2. I'd be giving them the finger. Ooops, do they read this? Hi Richard! My audio is coming in soon, promise! *cheesy*

  3. @Sean
    How about SZ Lucky Bastard Fanboi shirt?

    I was going to say nah, Richard wouldn't read this and then I find out he tweeted it... Hi Richard, thanks to all involved for organising a very entertaining and informative evening. :)