Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Cadbury Chocolates Current Condition Causes Consumer Complaint

Cadbury recently changed the packaging on their Dairy Milk range of chocolate. In the their wisdom they've apparently deleted the classic 250 gram Family Block from their line up and replaced it with the new cardboard box packaged 200 gram blocks. Anything smaller than 250 grams just ain't worth opening. Not only that, shock horror, it looks like they, or the retailers, are charging about the same amount for the 200 gram blocks as the old 250 gram Family Blocks. Worse still, it ain't as good as before. In particular the Hazelnut chocolates. The hazelnuts are severely lacking on the previous version of the chocolates. It is like eating nuts that have been stepped on and then swept up off the floor.
I love my Dairy Milk chocolates. It is my favourite mass production chocolate anywhere. We've been able to pick up Cadbury Dairy Milk around the world it has been consistently good, creamy and rich. The New Zealand version is the best, followed by our own Australian version and then UK/European. The Kenyan made was okay too. I reckon the slight differences between the international versions is the quality of the milk available to the local manufacturers.
Well I've sent off my complaint to Cadbury. I don't expect much in reply but, hey, someone should register a protest and let 'em know that at least one person is disappointed. My complaint letter follows:
Cadbury Dairy Milk and specifically Cadbury Dairy Milk Hazelnut chocolates have always been my favourite chocolates however I wish to register my displeasure for the new packaging and quality of the new 200 gram blocks of Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolates.
  1. I am very disappointed that the 250 gram Family Blocks, or larger, blocks of Dairy Milk appear to have disappeared from sale.
  2. The 200 gram Dairy Milk Hazelnut block is too thin and is therefore not able to support whole hazelnuts, or large pieces of hazelnut, like the old 250 gram Dairy Milk Hazelnut Family Blocks could.
  3. The small crushed hazelnut pieces in the new 200 gram blocks seem gritty and not fresh. They're not as well roasted or crispy or nutty or chunky as the nuts in the old 250 gram Family Blocks. Instead of looking forward to the hazelnut pieces they are now unpleasant to chew and have an inconsistent and sometimes unpleasant flavour. The lack of freshness and the grittiness is a major concern.
  4. The new packaging is annoying. The old paper wrapping was distinctive and easy to unwrap and use. Even the more recent foil wrapper was preferable.
  5. The 200 gram block that has replaced the 250 gram Family Blocks is thinner and less appealing. Now it looks and feels like every other brand on the market.
  6. The 200 gram block is more expensive now. It is similarly priced to the old 250 gram Family Blocks. I've purchased Dairy Milk from a number from Coles, Woolworths and IGA stores.
I am very disappointed with the apparent reduction of quality of the product coinciding with the release of the new packaging. We seem to be paying more for a product that is smaller and doesn't taste as good. That is, we are getting less quality, less quantity and paying more for the privilege.

Too much time on my hands? Maybe.


  1. You're not the only one to notice this. One of the guys I work with noticed that Mars bars had shrunk from 60g to 53g too.

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  2. Holy Sheet! Thanks Dave. I got an email from Cadbury saying thanks and they were disappointed with my complaint but they've forwarded it on to Marketing.