Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Say it aint so Mickey O :-(

Michael "Magic" "Mickey O" "Paddy" O'Loughlin is going to hang up the boots at the end of season 2009. So long Mickey O. You are a deadset legend of the game. Even back in the old days when we called you Set Shot Mick we loved your silky skills, except for the fore mentioned set shots at goal of course. ;-) Who new you'd go on to kick more than 500 goals and set the club record for games played.

You have 10 more games, including 5 more home games, for us to see you do your thing (not counting finals). Hopefully you'll play them out the way we love. Maybe we can get to see some more "magic" from Magic before the curtain comes down on a fabulous career.

Thanks Mickey O.

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