Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Yoshii for the ANZAC Day holiday

Yay! We've finally got to Yoshii again. This is the first time with Georgia in tow. She needed some attention between courses so we took turns at nursing her until she fell to sleep. But on the whole I'd consider it a successful outing at this fabulous 1 Hat Japanese restaurant. Yoshii serves what we consider to be Australia's best sushi. At least as good as the 1 Michelin star sushi bars in Japan we went to.

Kobachi (Seasonal Amuse).

Appetiser. Ocean trout with a passionfruit mayonnaise and duck foie gras wrapped in kelp.

Tuna Sashimi Marinated Soy and Truffle essence sauce.

Black cod marinated in white miso. It came wrapped in some sort of burning papery bark.

Voila! Open the bark parcel and we have the smokey black cod and mushroom. Delicious. Seriously. Delicious.

Daily fresh selected sushi. Being a public holiday Yoshii didn't have the usual variety of assorted sushi but what he did have was a divine as always.

Green tea brulee.

Yoshii Restaurant is at 115 Harrington street Sydney and has 1 Chef's Hat from the SMH Good Food Guide.

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