Saturday, 27 November 2010

The Amazing Meeting Oz - Day 2 - Skeptics Afloat

Ahoy there. After the day's formal proceedings it was time for a couple of hundred skeptics to let their hair down, unless you're George Hrab that is, and party on a harbour dinner cruise. With all those Australian (and visiting) Skeptics in one place I'm betting the Australian Vaccination Network wish they had a submarine. The food was good, the booze was cheap and the company was great. The whole evening was tops and was over way too soon. One of the highlights was Randi, again, doing close-up magic for his adoring fans. Thankfully I didn't have enough Crownies to embarrass myself by going up say, George Hrab or Brian Dunning or Steve Novella or Eugenie Scott, and put my arm around them and declare my undying love for them. Michelle was there. She will tell you. I was reasonably well behaved. I might have gushed a little over Randi though.

The Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Habour Bridge.

George Hrab in tourist mode.

Thanks to the Phil who took the picture but he did take a while to push the button and George wondered if he was actually drawing the picture.


The Amazing Randi holding court. Michelle and I were quietly having dinner when Randi wandered over and plonked himself down beside us. He then spent the next half hour or so doing magic tricks (see videos below), talking to the fans and being photographed.

Randi even posed with this boofhead again.

Same boofhead with beautiful pregnant lady.

Randi has some serious skillz. He was everywhere. Every time he sat down he'd get an audience and then he perform magic tricks as can be seen in the following two videos.

The same trick as above but a better view and different victims.

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