Sunday, 23 May 2010

Peter Garrett

Former Midnight Oil front man Peter Garrett was at the footy (Swans v Dockers at the SCG) to toss the coin. So I had to get my photo taken with him. I asked if I could get a photo and he suggested that I should jump in too. I managed to stuff up the settings with the camera so the first picture taken was a total fail. This is the result for the retake which Peter was very obliging to re-pose for.

Tall isn't he. I'm 180cm (around 6 foot) and I felt like a tubby little Oompa-Loompa next to Pete. Peter is a friendly guy in a not too patronising way that some politicians are too. Hopefully being a government minister these days doesn't totally ruin the man.
I am a total Oils fan boy from way back. The first time I saw Midnight Oil live was in 1982 and sadly the last was WaveAid in 2005. Hopefully I managed not to make a complete arse of myself today.

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