Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Marque 5

Yellow fin tuna and fois gras butter sprinkled with powdered pork crackling.

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  1. hope you enjoyed your endangered species, yellow fin tuna cause you wont get to eat it for your 60th birthday at the worlds current fishing level. fois gras. (foie gras)force feeding ducks through a tube inserted in the esophagus for 12-18days befor they're slaughted, its banned in most EU countries except France(obviously). cruel way to make a "extra" fatty butter. And this place has 3hats? i don't even know what 3 hats means? do you get 1 hat per endangered species on the menu, 1hat for cruelty to animals, i'm only up to the 5course. mmmm where does the Marque earn the next hat. Love From your smart ass brother in the Pirkheimer Strasse